Marathon Electric

Single and three phase motors from .25 hp up through 1,000 hp make Marathon one the leading AC motor manufactures in world. Standard and custom designs are available to meet customer needs with ODP, enclosed and explosion-proof designs in both ‘T’ and ‘U’ frames and above NEMA. Blue and Black Max inverter duty motors define the cutting edge of technology with the capability to manufacture 2000:1 constant torque motors to 700 hp and variable torque to 500 hp. With an extensive stock program and world wide distribution Marathon can support your global needs.



Fractional horsepower motors—Ranging in output from 1/100th to five horsepower, these versatile motors are used in applications ranging from pumps, furnace fans and air conditioner fans and blowers to garage door openers and air compressors.  Subfractional horsepower motors—Single coil, two-pole shaded pole C-frame motors used in appliances, portable medical equipment, and ventilation fans.  Integral horsepower motors—In outputs ranging from one to 400 horsepower, used in large commercial HVAC blowers, industrial and agricultural ventilation, conveyors, and overhead cranes.


Hub City

Hub City provides power transmission products for use in recreation, transportation, military, packaging, construction, communication, material handling, medical and food processing equipment.  Hub City has the ability to provide standard, modified standard and custom products, no matter how large or small. Hub City is committed to providing excellent customer service, outstanding quality, fine workmanship and timely delivery of all Hub City components.



Foote-Jones manufactures helical, worm gear, shaft mounted, parallel shaft and spiral bevel gear drives for applications such as paper making equipment (measuring 300 feet long), rock crushers, forestry and mining equipment, to name a few.  The company also offers unique, fast delivery programs on its standard product lines called Fast Foote™. This program has slashed the normal industry lead times by up to eight weeks. By focusing on the customer, Foote-Jones has become the service leader in the industry.



Igarashi Motors

Subfractional PMDC motors from 16 to 50 mm in diameter are manufactured in their plants worldwide. A number of standard gearboxes can be coupled to various motors creating a wide variety of combinations. They are dedicated to support medium to high volume production on low cost production lines. Plants locations are in Japan, Hong Kong, China and India. A majority of their production is dedicated to products for the automotive industry thus they meet ISO-9001, 9002, ISO-14001, QS-9001, and TS-14696 standards. Additional products are high volume standard and custom designed armatures and commutators.


Transformers, line reactors, filters and power supplies that are manufactured to high German standards. Products that are used in every country around supported around the world with knowledgeable stocking distributors in major cities for quick delivery. Encompassing over 2500 standard and a wide array of custom products designed and manufactured to meet the special demands of our customers. They are design to maximize efficiency and maintain a cost structure that makes us cost effective for your design needs.

Nordex, Incorporated

Nordex Incorporated focuses on fully integrated turnkey subsystems for medical, laboratory and industrial analytical instruments, factory automation, and the semi-conductor OEM industries. Their System Integration capabilities are made possible through strict adherence with ISO 9001, verified by Det Norske Veritas. DNV, a world recognized leader in ISO registration and compliance performs bi-annual audits.